Enhance the capabilities of Concierge Desk with expansion modules.
Modules are charged at a set monthly fee regardless of the number of users.

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Accomodation Management

Online Booking System processing everything from reservations and guest information to check-in and check-out times. Manage rooms and assign maintenance and cleaning tasks., AirBNB, Hotels Combined and many more integrations included.

$ 40 per month

Appointment Booking

Empower your customers and fellow staff with the ability to set their own appointments. Fully integrated with the company calendar appointments are auto assigned to designated staff. Accept payment at time of booking the appointment. Program reminders and enable customers and staff to reschedule or cancel appointments. Nominate available appointment times by staff member or company wide.

$ 16 per month

Certificates Module

Enhance your professionalism by issuing certificates of compliance for trade work provided directly from within the Concierge Desk system. Upload your own certificates and add form fields for automated data completion.

$ 4 per month

Computerised Maintenance Management System

Track and manage servicing, faults and repairs of the equipment in your business. Auto assign tasks for maintenance teams and detect when equipment has been used for X number of jobs or X number of operating hours.

$ 6 per month

Customer Portal

The Concierge Desk Platform becomes truly powerful when the Customer Portal Module is used. Each of your Customers can be given their own unique log in so they can see records of their past transactions, make bookings or purchases, manage subscriptions or access exclusive content. The Customer Portal can be created with multiple views allowing different information to be shared with various customers or to share specific information with a distinct relationship such as your accountant or banker.

$ 20 per month

Equipment Rental Management

Built specifically to manage rental items that go out and come back into inventory. Nominate hire periods and enable multiple future bookings for the same items.

$ 24 per month

Events Management

Create events, market online or email invites, works with Project Management to plan activities and resources, set notifications and reminders for guests. Perfect for organising large events that require complex coordination or small events such as a webinar or staff Christmas party.

$ 10 per month

Fleet Management

Understand the total cost of ownership for your fleet. Track all expenses that relate to each vehicle and see clear reports.

$ 12 per month

Human Resources

The greatest asset of any business is it’s people. Each member of your team gains real time access to their roster, payslips, pay summaries, leave entitlements and leave requests. Manage all staff training, performance reviews, rewards, commissions and benefits.

$ 6 per month

Inventory Management

Linking your inventory to the quoting, invoicing and calendar functions makes this system more intuitive than any other. Use the Automation Wizard to automate purchase orders and ensure all your inventory needs are met for a defined period considering current inventory and all confirmed orders.

$ 30 per month

Jobs Scheduling

Assign staff and resources to jobs and ensure efficient scheduling. Integrated google maps can assist in plotting route management and allocating weight to inventory ensures vehicles are never overloaded. Integrated with Asset Management Module to ensure availability of equipment and allocate estimated mileage to vehicles. Integrated with Human Resource Management to ensure that appropriate staff are allocated to jobs with the skills and qualifications required. Record actual times spent on jobs to allocate hourly charges to Accounting System.

$ 8 per month


Give your team and customers access to all the important information they need. Share the Knowledgebase to your website, internal Workspace or Customer Portal. Share videos, documents, FAQ's, surveys and checklists.

$ 6 per month

Concierge Desk

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Utilise the Concierge Desk Legal system to create pre designed legal forms for use in the business. Access the extensive template library to reduce legal costs and manage company document version control. With export functions and secure external portal we make communicating with your lawyer simple.

$ 12 per month

Membership System

Manage membership programs and utilise the Customer Portal Module to give your members a log in access to view their membership. Communicate to members with announcements, share calendar view, integrate with Events module and more. Members can manage their payments and see a record of transactions. Offer special promotional offers to members to increase engagement.

$ 20 per month

Mobile App for Customers

Apps are brilliant for communicating with your customers. Notify or message customers without the costs of phone calls or SMS. They are fantastic for appointment booking, order tracking, pre ordering, integrated payment. The App is fully integrated with the Concierge Desk System. Developed and published to the App stores with assistance from Concierge Desk Developers to customise and launch the App.

$ 60 per month

Online Marketing Campaign Management

Manage your online marketing activities from within the Concierge Desk Platform. Create ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. Concierge Desk Online Marketing Campaign Management comes fully integrated with Facebook and Google simplifying the ad creation and publishing process. Compare the return on investment from each marketing source. Utilise Concierge Desk Website builder to create custom landing pages for each ad and feed leads directly into the Concierge Desk Sales / CRM system.

$ 20 per month

Point of Sale

Fully customisable to suit the needs of your business. Operate from tablet, phone or PC / Mac. Connects with cash register, EFTPOS terminals and Bar Code scanners. Capture customer information for use with Sales / CRM and rewards programs.

$ 20 per month

Project Management

Every business undertakes projects and a simple task management process is the most effective way to ensure it gets done properly and on schedule. Break the project into achievable tasks and assign them to team members with timeline and reporting.
Integration with Calendar to improve visibility of the project across all involved team members and includes Gannt charts to see progression of project.

$ 20 per month

Promotion Planning

Schedule promotions based on various triggers including dates, stock levels, seasons and revenue targets. Create promotional sales packages such as buy one get one free or 20% discount off second item. Planned promotions automatically sync with Point of Sale, Calendar and Accounting systems. Integrate with CRM to automatically send promotions to customers as they occur in the future. Works with Project Management to assign tasks associated with promotions. Integrate with Online Campaign Management and Website Builder to schedule advertising of promotions.

$ 6 per month

Rewards Program

Delight your customers and improve loyalty with the use of an integrated and automated Customer Rewards Program. Trigger rewards when customers reach a specified spend threshold, refer new business, minimum monthly spend, milestone purchase or accumulate points for reward selection. Offer rewards such as credits, discounts, upgrades and gifts.

$ 12 per month

Security Systems

Integrate with your security to view cameras, track location of assets and monitor access to your premises. Designed to work with a wide variety of monitoring systems.

$ 14 per month

Signature Capture

When you need to capture a signature from your client on site, simply utilise our Signature Module to have the client sign for any specified request that you put into our system. Clients can sign to accept waivers, accept receipt of goods or anything else you desire. Utilise any mobile device to obtain signatures.

$ 12 per month

Supplier Management

Everyone makes a big deal about managing client relationships and all too often the management of the other side of the equation, Suppliers, gets forgotten. Issue tender requests, record all interactions as you do in a CRM, schedule supplier reviews and maintain accurate records of supplier compliance with copies of insurance certificates etc.

$ 4 per month

Time and Expense Tracking

Easily account for all billable and unbillable hours and out of pocket expenses. Record times and expenses against tasks or clients for billing purposes. Track both actual and billable time spent on a task or project. Utilise your device camera to capture receipts for claiming expenses. Seamlessly integrates with Project Management and HR Modules. Add a note to any time entry.

$ 6 per month

Venue Management

Venues are unique in the way they operate. Concierge Desk venue management system understands the needs of venues and provides a complete solution to manage all your needs. Manage future bookings based on time and date, create payment schedules, automatic invoicing, automatic purchase orders. Multiple pricing types including per guest, per table, per unit and per hour. Pre set rules for pricing / discounts based on time of day, day of week, season and size of function.

$ 40 per month

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