All your most important information and tools on one page. Tailored to suit each user, the workspace page gives you a snapshot of all relevant information to your role in the business.

Sales Dashboard

Customise your sales dashboard to visualise all your sales data and budgets.

Web Analytics Dashboard

Understanding the performance of your website is critical to getting the most from your online presence.

Sales / CRM

The core of any business is sales. Track and progress customers from prospects to loyal clients. Share knowledge of your clients between team members to greatly improve service delivery. Easily view a record of all communications with each client.


Centrally store all documents in a secure hosted environment allowing all team members appropriate access to company documents. Integration with all functions of the Concierge Desk platform improves security and connectivity across business functions.

Website Builder

Take control of your website. Make changes anytime from within a familiar environment and publish directly to the web. Drastically reduce the costs of using external web development services.


Finally, all communication in one place. Email, internal messaging and announcements on one screen will revolutionise the way your business communicates. All communication is recorded and searchable and automatically connected to client records in the CRM and Customer Service modules.


Keep business simple. If accounting is the task you hate doing you’ll love using Concierge Desk. With all business activities on one Platform, the accounting takes care of itself. Drawing records from sales, inventory and expenditure you simply review the activity of your business. With export functions and external portal we make communicating with your accountant a piece of cake. It’s like having a digital book keeper that saves you time and money.


One Calendar to rule them all. Fully integrated to all functions of your business and automatically linked between team members. Using the Calendar filter allows you to see what is happening in the business by team member, business function or department.

Survey Builder

Create surveys easily and deploy them instantly. Our Survey Builder Wizard will guide you through and will create the reporting of survey results which can then be viewed in real time. Surveys can be published to the web or sent through the CRM to any or all segments of your client database.

Automation Wizard

It’s like magic. Use the Automation Wizard to schedule a range of activities. Assign tasks to team members, send follow up emails, schedule appointments, preset marketing activities and more. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use. Save hours and deliver an amazing experience to your customers.

Customer Service

Often overlooked by small business, great Customer Service that is delivered through our trackable ticketing system will delight your customers and keep them coming back. Take advantage of the automation wizard to schedule follow up activities such as thankyou emails or surveys.

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