• Concierge Desk
    The Holy Grail of Business Software
    your search is finally over

  • The average small business uses
    7 software systems

    Concierge Desk does it
    all from one platform

  • Take advantage of the
    connected world we live in

All in One

Everything you need to run your business in one Platform.

Stunning Software

We believe business software should be a joy to use. You’ll be amazed how quickly your team will be fully engaged with the system.

One Entry

Using multiple systems wastes time and increases security risks. Enter data once and it is shared across business functions.

Desk ?

Concierge Desk is the software you’ve always dreamed of.
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Built to take advantage of the connected world we live in.
One system to train on, One system to secure, One system to manage.
One simple fee per user per month slashes software costs.
The financial world is evolving and with electronic currencies making and recieving payments have never been easier.

Concierge Desk Benefits

Modern Design Trends

Your staff will love using it. The success of business software is entirely reliant on whether your team uses the system. Design plays a critical role in reducing the barrier to adoption; Concierge Desk is built from the ground up with the user in mind to ensure your team views the system as a benefit rather than a burden.

Optimised For All Screen Sizes & Types

Concierge Desk is built to adapt to whatever device it is used on. You are free to use mobile, mac or PC, tablet… in fact anything that has a web browser. A further benefit to your business is that you no longer need expensive hardware.

Dedicated Support To All Customers

Every registered user has access to our built in Help Desk at no extra cost. In fact, we use the same Concierge Desk - Customer Service module that you use. Our experience shows that the need for support is greatly reduced simply because of the user friendly design of the system.

Customise to your needs

Small businesses need flexibility in their systems. We recognize that every business is unique and have developed Concierge Desk so you can make the system work the way you want, not the other way around. We offer low cost setup and training services to assist you to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

One System

No longer will you struggle with various systems that don’t talk to each other. Everything within Concierge Desk operates as a single system so information is recorded and shared without barriers. Connecting various software packages can often lead to errors. We remove that risk and remove the need to maintain connections.

Don't make it more
complicated than it needs to be

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    You’ll love having relevant business information at your fingertips.


    Everyone on your team will be communicating in one system regardless of location


    Get insight into everything happening in your business in real time. The activity feed shows you every interaction as it happens.


    Track and record team activity. Bring accountability to your business.

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Concierge Desk

50. 00 Per User Per Month Includes • 2500 Emails Per Month • 20GB Data Storage

We keep pricing simple.

Only pay for what you need when you need it. Charges are calculated automatically based on active users so no need to request a change if your team changes.

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